The brand of the F jumped into the world of horse breeding from the hand of its founder, Francisco Ramirez, being the initial of his name, the F, the brand of the current Lusitano Stud Farm.

Previous to 1944, the horse breeding labour of our great grandfather was focused on selecting and breeding of Anglo-Spanish and Arab-Spanish crosses horses.

Over the time and the experiences acquired, our father, maybe from vocation or maybe motivated by recovering the hobby that he shared with his grandfather, decided to lusitano horse breeding.

Pura sangre lusitano


“From the good the best, from the best the superior”
It’s not easy, but we always strive to have in mind this idea, as we believe is the best way to offer quality over time.

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As Lusitano horse breeders, our major satisfaction has been to be able to hear the Spanish National Anthem in Lisbon.

“We believe that what started just as a hobby around this breed of horses, has turned into a meticulous task of selecting and breeding Lusitano horses.

A relevant contribution to the trajectory of our brand, having collaborated with the expansion of the Lusitano breed, preserving our genetic base, the breed pattern, and the needed functionality.

Since our beginnings in the breeding of Lusitano horses we have contributed with colts, fillies and mares to different stud farms dedicated to the Lusitano breed in Spain, and fortunately, several of these Lusitano horses, descendent from mares from our stud, have reached high performance levels in competitive dressage.”